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    5 Ways to Boost Productivity and Create Balance for Women Business Leaders

    Most women business leaders are masters of multitasking. I know — I have been doing it for more than 20 years, and I’m doing it right now! But honestly, I’ve recently begun to recognize that I really need to pare down my “to do” list and spend my time more efficiently. We think we need to do it all, but for those of us in control,  multitasking could be our biggest enemy. Don’t fall into the multitasking trap. Make a pact to change your ways and focus on balance and setting priorities.

    Here are some great pointers I’ve excerpted from an article by Colleen Debaise on allbusiness.com.

    According to Colleen, “People who run their own businesses often fall victim to a spate of time wasters — among them, disorganization, mind-wandering and procrastination — that can ruin productivity.”

    Here are simple tips I found helpful to better manage your time, collected from Colleen’s article:

    1. Update your business plan
      Every entrepreneur should have a document that outlines the company’s mission, financial goals, market analysis and plans for the future. Often, small-business owners who feel directionless or inefficient haven’t revisited or even assembled a business plan — and that’s a big problem. If you don’t have one, write a business plan immediately with a focus on both short- and long-term goals.
    2. Pinpoint what’s important
      It’s easy to spend too much time on inconsequential matters, which is why we should focus — first and foremost — on finishing jobs, completing projects and landing new deals that will directly result in revenue.
    3. Delegate
      As a successful entrepreneur,  learning how to assign tasks to others is critical. The best approach is to focus your time and energy on what you do best, and assign other tasks to employees or consultants.
    4. Limit time checking email and voicemail
      The ping of emails flowing into one’s inbox can suck the productivity out of the most laser-sharp-focused individuals. While opinions vary on how best to deal with the constant interruption, many time-management experts agree: Curb your viewing time.
    5. Attend workshops and conferences
      Sometimes, it’s a lack of inspiration that causes one to be unproductive. Trade groups or industry associations often host expos that can expose an entrepreneur to new ideas, innovative products and potential partners or service providers.

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