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    20 Life-Changing Business Truisms for Women Business Leaders

    As a woman business leader with more than 20 years of business experience, I’ve read my share of “lists” describing how to be a better business leader.

    And, while I can’t take credit for the list of truisms I’m posting below — that goes to Steve Tobak who created this list for BNET.com — I just couldn’t resist sharing it with other women business leaders and entrepreneurs! Steve admits his list is based on observations he’s made over the years and not necessarily on hard facts … but I was so impressed with his down-to-earth “truisms” I almost printed it out to tack onto my office wall!

    According to Steve,”I know some of this stuff straddles philosophy and psychology. So, while you will find elements of Taoism, Freudian theory, Ayn Rand, and What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School, make no mistake: they’re all practical lessons that can help your career … or even change your life.” Here’s the list:

    1. If you don’t know, say so. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, stop talking.
    2. Whether negotiation is strong or weak depends entirely on your goals.
    3. Don’t jump ship before you hit the iceberg.
    4. Anger is never about what you think you’re angry about.
    5. Confidence comes from success; knowledge comes from failure.
    6. A**hole is a subjective noun.
    7. If you’re miserable, quit and do something else. If you’re still miserable, it’s you.
    8. Success is based on current behavior, not past performance.
    9. If you protect your domain or CYA, that’s all you’ll accomplish.
    10. Thin-skinned people are actually thick-headed.
    11. People won’t perform for those they don’t respect.
    12. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you won’t be successful at it.
    13. When you have problems with others, look inside yourself for answers.
    14. The workplace is about business, not you.
    15. Conflict is healthy; anger is not. Get some help for that.
    16. No matter how smart you are, wisdom only comes from experience.
    17. Whine and complain all you want; nobody gives a crap.
    18. You can BS others but you really can’t BS yourself.
    19. The boss isn’t always right, but she’s still the boss.
    20. The customer isn’t always right, but she’s still the customer.

    “If any of this comes across as sort of preachy, just so you know, that’s not my intent,” Steve notes. “I’m not interested in indoctrinating anyone, just helping you to navigate a complex and challenging working world.”

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