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    Women Business Leaders: 3 Keys to Oprah’s Success

    Oprah Winfrey built a media empire using a few basic principles that you can apply to drive success at your enterprise.

    Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has lived the American dream, rising from humble beginnings to build a vast media empire and billions in personal wealth. Like most self-made women, Winfrey is smart, talented and persistent.

    But what sets Winfrey apart is her unique approach to achieving her goals. In a recent Forbes article, Jenna Goudreau examines the media queen’s strategy for success:

      1. Manage relationships: Relationship building is the core of the Winfrey brand – her early television success hinged on her ability to connect. Winfrey harnesses that capacity in every business activity. She hires and nurtures top talent, cultivates mentors and powerful allies, and, above all, sustains her relationship with her audience.
      2. Define and pursue your vision: The ability to dream big is a key part of Winfrey’s success, but it’s her ability to sustain her vision that truly sets her apart. Goudreau notes that Winfrey built her empire step by step – using her television show to found a production company and then diversifying into print, radio and online media businesses and launching a high-profile charitable foundation.
      3. Focus on core values: Winfrey’s central message is “live your best life,” and it’s a value she applies to all facets of her professional career. Whether reinventing herself, exploring self-help techniques with her audience or engaging in philanthropic activities, Winfrey consistently delivers an optimistic message: Positive change is possible.

          Oprah Winfrey is a unique figure, and there are many factors that contributed to her enormous success, including personal qualities like relentless drive and marketing savvy combined with good timing. But no matter what industry you’re in or what your key strengths as a woman business leader, you can learn from Winfrey’s remarkable example.

          Make sure you manage relationships carefully, building and maintaining ties with customers, mentors and allies. Identify and pursue your vision, sustaining it in all aspects of your business endeavors. And finally, center your activities on your core values. By following these 3 principles, you can build a foundation for success in your enterprise.

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